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The Red Motel 2023 mix
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This is the 2023 mix of
"The Red Motel"
NO ONE from the outside world gets this recording
except the brave, proud signers
of the email list!

Welcome Wayward Stranger! 
As you wander about this website,
be wary of falling down the

Mineshaft Rabbit Hole!
4-day, 4-email journey
into the mysteries of

Now - about this is the 2023 mix of
"The Red Motel"
This is the song that started my journey
through the murky dark side
of American music back in 1995.
Now its sequel,
"The Devil Whammy"
will be the lead track off my upcoming album

"American Gothic"
So I figured it was time to bring this one up to date!
This is a new mix of a track originally recorded
at the Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood.
This features my old band "Through the Woods", who were voted
Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters in 1995.
The band on this recording featu
Bob Gannon - cocktail drums, spoon tree, bicycle wheel, hubcaps, omnichord 
David Quillen - baritone and tenor sax, clarinet, glockenspiel, guitar, flutophone
Steve Andreoni - electric and doublebass, tuba
Deror Margolith - keyboards
Stuart Pearson - guitar, mandolin, banjo, squeezebox, Portuguese guitarra, hurdy gurdy, Earlophone

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